Flight Safe Systems driven towards Automotive Price Points 

Air Mobility & PAVs

In the race to be first to market, engineers feel the time pressures to build rapidly while knowing PAVs have to be not only certifiably airworthy, but also fundamentally secure-by-design. There seems to be no room for maneuver when also faced with the demands to minimize SWaP-C (Size, Weight and Power, Cost). Lynx can show you the most efficient route to resolving these competing objectives.

The Automotive Scale Cost Objective

The PAV and Air Mobility sectors are different from aircraft manufacture.  The vehicle system scale is significantly smaller (but still larger than the code base of, for example, Facebook);, the time to market is shorter and will demand far more iterative technology refreshes;, and finally, the costs have to be scaled down to automotive price points.

The same Lynxsecure technology being adopted by the largest avionics programs, has also been adopted by the world’s largest automotive electronic systems developer, Bosch, and their systems software partner organization, ETAS. The fundamental understanding of avionics and automotive with a single software architecture product makes Lynx your best partner for your system software architecture and design.

Multi-Core at the Heart of PAVs

Whatever system hardware path you choose, we know multi-core will be part of the solution.  But this processor architecture introduces new challenges for safe and secure system design.

As multi-core experts in the context of security and safety, Lynx can show you a clear pathway to the latest approach to avionics through modular software architecture that enables:

  • Secure separation that is so strong you can certify modules for airworthiness while they reside on the same multi-core as insecure/unsafe 3rd party software
  • The world’s first and only FAA approved Reusable Software Component (RSC) DO-178 flight safe OS that will reduce your certification costs in a highly iterative system development environment
  • An open platform you can use to enable independent 3rd party module development, while keeping their modules securely and safely separated from your system modules on the same multi-core.

The adoption of multi-core as a means of reducing SWaP-C is not a demand unique to the Air Mobility and PAV markets.  It’s referred to as the 2nd Generation of Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA) by the world’s largest avionics companies. PAVs and Air Mobility solutions should be looking to adopt these next generation techniques. Lynx can guide you on this pathway, as its technology is used some of the worlds largest avionics programs to deliver on the scalability objectives of 2nd Generation IMA.

LYNX helps you drive down flight safe certification and system costs towards automotive price points, while achieving high integrity system security on multi-core.

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