Industry Solutions
Adaptive vs Classic AUTOSAR:
Why not both?

Lynx introduces  a rich set of options for design teams to leverage both worlds of Classic and Adaptive standards without having to compromise on real-time performance and design comprehensibility.  Develop bare-metal, POSIX RTOS, or Embedded Linux guests.  Rapidly integrate partner-, competitor-, or proprietary components together to form modern or traditional automotive architectures...

Can they co-exist?

LYNX provides avionics developers with adaptive platforms that can be tuned to manage complexity inheritance, platforms which are internally comprehensible and transparent, allowing regulatory authorities to trace and verify assurance claims down to implementation realized in silicon.  Integrate complex components as needed.  Control the inherent complexities of designs with the understanding of how those designs are realized in hardware...

The Leading Edge
in Digital Transformation

Being able to extend executive resource planning (ERP) into the cloud—analyzing real-time data and automating business processes at the global level—is tremendously valuable.  The first organizations to realize the concept will gain an incredible market advantage.   The risks, however, are formidable.  LYNX provides a pragmatic path of adoption that addresses both technical and business challenges...

Cyber Security
Security Features vs Assurance

LYNX gives the ability to IT stakeholders to precisely define the expected behavior of computer systems and to enforce polices that ensure their security technology investments are making valid assumptions based on underlying platform integrity properties.  Concurrently access public and private data on a single computing device while ensuring that private data resides within private rooms and is resilient to malicious attempts to ex-filtrate data or to subvert the underlying platform and bypass information flow policy enforcement...